Lesley Davis

Program and Policy Development Business


Lesley Davis is committed in providing service delivery that builds professional skill sets and combined business performance activitiies of a skilled labour force.

Skill building expands beyond the practice of Certified Organic and ventures into Guelph Food Technology in Label Desgin and Packaging ISO rated facililtation.  This course provides the team with credentials in Food Science.

Learning from Greenhouse Food Productions is an investment into Farm Safety Association.  This team has credentials in WHMIS and WHMIS Train the Trainer.

Business management seeks to achieve excellence.  The business tests its knowledge based on Certified Organic compliance testing of soil and plant tissue. 

Lesley Davis business management meets the expectation of a prestigious business standard in Canada. 

Watch for expansion services in Standards of  Canada , Trade and Product Managemetnt sector for new business relationships.

Quailty, style and presitage.